Sunday, June 17, 2007

First TTD Session!

I took Heather out on Saturday for our first Trash the Dress session. What fun! I took her down to Charlotte for these pictures.

A little story about the dress... Heather heard that prom dresses were 75% off at Sears so we headed over there to see what they had. When she found this one and tried it on she loved it. So, we went to pay for it. The cashier, an older lady, said, "Oh, what a beautiful dress." And me... I couldn't help myself (well, I suppose I could have but I didn't want to!), I said, "It won't be!" And she looked at me funny and so I told her what we planned on doing with the dress. And she said, very seriously mind you, "You're breaking my heart!" She really did NOT want to sell us the dress!! But of course she had no choice in the matter. She did, however, take one of my referral cards. Wouldn't it be too funny if she called for pictures?!

We didn't really want to trash the dress yet so we were very careful. We have serious plans for this dress and so we need to make it last for several sessions! Stay tuned for more TRASH THE DRESS at a blog near you.... After I finish processing senior pictures - oh and an engagement session on Wed.... Busy, busy, busy!!


gmj said...

Love, Love, Love it!!! How fun this looks, very dramatic pic of Ms. H. in front of the graffiti, and love the action shot on the sand. Looking forward to more trash that dress!! and the rest of the senior pics in the park. Glad you are keeping so busy!!

Shelly said...

Thanks! It was fun. Heather advertised on her Facebook and I might have another teen interested in doing a session.