Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Romance is in the Air

Okay, so I'm not very romantic. But Martha wants me to post something romantic in honor of Valentine's Day. So here is my pathetic attempt....

Things about my hubby...

He's good looking even with the grey hairs and receding hairline!

He's been married to me for almost 20 years now (May 23rd!).

He'd love to quit his job but he's waiting for God to show him where he's supposed to be.

He frequently says, "Relax!"

He took flying lessons when we were first married.

He hates dressing up - which is good cuz so do I!

He's 6 feet tall.

He likes bull dogs.

He likes maraschino cherries - YUCK!

His favorite sport is NASCAR. (I don't really think it's a sport - but he insists it is!)

His favorite driver is Tony Stewart.

He doesn't like to swim.

He says he can't float on his back - but that's cuz he refuses to put his ears in the water.

He's got muscles - maybe not like Popeye...

He tried to blow up a fly in the microwave once.

He loves to read about WWI.

He is good with computers.

He went on a mission trip to Brazil when he was 20.

His first car was a Buick Regal.

He has one brother.

He always wanted a sister.

His birthday is June 3rd.

He's 3 1/2 years older than me.

He plays the guitar.

He loves chocolate.

He had a beard and mustache when we first met.

He'd probably grow them again if I'd let him!!

He doesn't like crowds.

He was a troublemaker in school.

He has a great sense of humor.

He's very good at helping around the house.

He sneezes a lot when he first wakes up.

He played basketball and baseball in highschool.

He's a good storyteller.

He once stole an ice cream from school and hid it in his pocket when the principle came to have a chat with him.

He called peas 'super pills' when he was a kid.

He mixes his corn in with his mashed potatoes.

He eats pizza with a fork. And french fries too!

He's never been skiing.

He'd like to visit Germany or England or Scotland...

He's smarter than me.

He's pretty good at crossword puzzles.

He goes to bed around 10 PM.

He likes to listen to shortwave radio.

He doesn't like cauliflower in his salad.

He likes to fish but doesn't care for hunting.

I think he's jealous of my pillow.

He likes the colors we picked for our living room and dining room.

He hates to paint!

He likes music.

He threw a clog at me once.
He irons his own clothes.

He likes to watch Professional Bull Riding.

He's not nearly as gross as I am!

He enjoys playing pool.

And strip Monopoly too.

He's very affectionate.
He's a good kisser.

Sorry guys... that's about as romantic as I get - at least publicly. LOL.
Happy Valentines Day!


Rachel said...

Tony Stewart, oh no! Michael would be horrified. He loves Nascar too, but says he can't stand Tony Stewart.
My husband eats french fries with a fork too.
Never heard of Strip Monopoly. How's that played?

Shelly said...

LOL! Well... everytime you land on 'go to jail' you have to take something off. I couldn't believe how many times I landed on that space in one game!!! My husband loved it... I think he had maybe one sock off and there I sat... well, I'll spare you the details.

Shelly said...

How 'bout Jimmie Johnson?! Go Jimmie Go!!

In our family everyone likes someone different... Jr., Kane, Stewart, oh and I guess Jessi switched over to Jimmie so there's two Jimmie fans now! :)

Martha said...

Wow! Your list is even longer (and much more graphic) than mine. Good job. My hubby is also handsome with his few gray hairs.
Now Rach and Dave have a brand new game to play. (Shelly, you have quite the imagination!) I can just imagine you sitting there shivering and him telling you to "relax!" LOL!

Bethany said...

And I thought Aunt Rachel was funny!

Rachel said...

Shelley, you are too funny! My husband can't wait to play. LOl!

Shelly said...

Have fun! But, you just might want to have a roaring fire going!!!

Shelly said...

You know... I was playing ping pong with hubby tonight and I began to think of new ways to play ping pong... this is getting scary!!! LOL.