Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today Kim and Jason were married. They are a very sweet couple!! When I first met Kim and asked her how she saw her wedding she said, "Simple Elegance" and that is exactly how her wedding was! Here's a few pictures from their special day....

(Just a little aside... Kim went to school here and so she grew up playing on this playground! There's more playground pix coming.)

(They are getting ready to build.... so we took advantage of the equipment for some fun shots!)

All the girls had different shoes. So of course, I had to do a shoe shot!

More pictures coming soon!

The thing that always amazes me about each and every wedding is how helpful EVERYONE is - and this wedding was no exception. People went out of their way to help me. And when it's all over I honestly feel like I have made lots of friends in the process and it can be hard to say goodbye.

But today's wedding... I got to see an 'old' friend that I met at Ashleigh and Kevin's wedding back in January... HI NAN!!!!! :)

Nan was in charge of the girls dressing room. I knew it was in good hands... but I was still completely blown away with how BEAUTIFUL their dressing room was. WOW!!!!! Sorry, no pix today... but there will be some in the slide show!! A special thank you to Nan for a job well done! (And I really do want to meet up sometime! Even if I am busy - I will make the time! :)


Martha said...

I'll bet Nan had a wonderful mentor in decorating dressing rooms... Liz Minier used to put her whole heart into making sure the bride's dressing room was just right. She was amazing! Of course, I could be wrong, maybe Nan's talents are completely uninfluenced by Liz.

Martha said...

Oh, the pictures are great! Very pretty. You did a wonderful job once again.

Anonymous said...

Shelly- I am blessed to be able to call you my friend! Thank you for your kind words. You are VERY sweet. I also desire to get together (maybe some of your remarkable talent will rub off!) The pictures are beyond fabulous. I can't wait to see more! Martha- Liz had loads of influence. She did both my bridal room and reception at the old mill. I can only hope to be half as talented. (BTW she did the reception). -Nan

Shelly said...

Thanks Martha. Both the reception area and the dressing room looked fabulous. Liz and Nan are SUPER TALENTED!!! You could hardly tell the gym was a gym. hahaha!! And the class room... well, I bet the kids that spent the year there wouldn't recognize their own room! Nan really could go into the business as well! :)

I'm still feeling tired from the weekend. I can't believe how long it takes me to recover from one days work!

Heather said...

Beautiful, beautiful!!! I love the picture with the couple in the background. Of course, the shoe picture is adorable. I think I get more comments about the shoe picture that you took at Ashleigh's wedding than other other single picture.

That is so cool that you saw Nan again!! She is the BEST!! Hi Nanner! I can not wait to see the amazing room she did for the bride. (She did learn from one of the best, for sure) I remember Nan standing on my bed the day before Ashleigh's wedding, working so hard to make my room beautiful for the pictures.