Monday, August 18, 2008

Nan and Friends

Shhh! I'm not putting these up on site until the slideshow goes up. I should really wait to put them up here... but I know everyone is anxious to see the fantastic job Nan and Chrissy and Leah did! (Thanks Nan for letting me know your fantastic helper's names!)

I just love the Z's they had all over the room. (The first letter of the Kim's new last name.)

She also had some of Kim and Jason's engagement pictures out as you can see on the wall and behind the shoes.

Lights, candles, flowers and flower petals, etc... beautifully adorned the entire room!

Because the hard work and thought that these ladies put into decorating the dressing room, detail shots like these were a SNAP! Beka and I hardly had to think. The light/candles added soooo much to the photos.

What a gorgeous background to go with such a gorgeous bride!

That's Kim's parents in the background.

And just one more for fun!

Now, you will just have to wait for the slide show for the rest! hahaha!!!!

So again, thank you Nan and Chrissy and Leah! You made my job much easier!!!

***Edit*** Okay, I couldn't resist... I put the pictures (along with a couple extras) on my facebook.


Martha said...

I love the dresses all hanging in a row.

Heather said...

Nan did a great job! The room was gorgeous and I can see how it made your work, Shelly, much easier! Beautiful pictures again;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shelly- I did not do this alone. I had 2 amazing friends who came up with so many of the ideas you see. My friend Chrissy came up with the Z idea and my friend Leah did the floral centerpiece that was so amazing- in addition to so many other ideas. Thanks for the kind words but I am not an island! -Nan

Shelly said...

Hey Nan! I knew you had help... just didn't know names or who did what. :) I edited my post accordingly. THANK YOU TO ALL THREE!!! In fact, maybe you could send me their addy and I'll write them a thank you?
Send them to

Anonymous said...


Your talent amazes me!! I look forward to seeing all the great shots you took at last week's wedding.
I am glad I finally got to meet you, after following your website and blogs to see pictures of Ashleigh's wedding, and then Kim and Jason's engagement shots. I was thrilled to help Nan and Leah with the bride's room . . . we were so pleased with the way it came together. It was fun to do!

PS - small world that your niece has been a classmate of my daughter's for five years now!!