Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Life on the Edge

I had a lot of fun this afternoon taking pix of a kid from our church. He's a skateboarder who hopes to go pro someday. Though it was a lot of fun to watch and to photograph, I personally think skateboarders are absolute NUTS! Kids were falling all the time - even the good ones seem to fall frequently and it's on pavement!! OUCH!!! But everyone appeared to be having a good time. And I suppose that when they do land an amazing trick it has to be somewhat the same feeling I get from taking a picture that I'm really proud of. I really am glad that God made us all so different! It does make life much more interesting. :)


Martha said...

So you went to take pictures after all. Did you find out how they manage to break their skateboards?

Shelly said...

YUP. My headache left me and so I thought I'd go ahead and give it a go. It wasn't the optimum time... there were a lot of other kids at the park by that time and the lighting was much more difficult to work with. I learned that my camera has trouble with purple fringing. Ugh! Not a good thing at all!!! The picture I posted was my favorite from the shoot and the only way to save it was to make it B&W. I really need a new lens ASAP!

As for breaking skateboards... I can't figure out how they manage to not break everything out there! It is insane!!! Most of them at least had long pants on which would help a little in a fall. But most of them didn't wear any other protective gear what-so-ever... A very few had helmets on.