Monday, November 13, 2006

Random Thoughts by Me

Mice really stink!
So do birds.
I love photography.
Hot showers on a cold day feel wonderful until you have to get out.
I don't like mornings.
Sneakers are much more comfortable than high heels.
I like to take naps.
Especially on Sundays.
But it's best to wait until AFTER the sermon to take a nap.
Dogs have bad breath.
Exercising regularly really does give you more energy.
It's easier to forget than it is to remember.
Unless it's something you want to forget and then it's easier to remember.
Being a good friend isn't always easy but it's always worth it.
I like to eat.
Especially ice-cream.
But not brussel sprouts - they are gross.
I get bored easily.
I like change.
I would move every 2 years or so if I could.
I don't have to like sewing.
I don't like the sound the microwave makes when it is done cooking. (My bird taught me that!)
I'd rather sweat than shiver.
Even if it does make you stink.
Biking is better than jogging.
Padded bike shorts really do help!
It feels good to obtain a goal.
But learning the process is often more important.
Rocket was a good dog.
Even if he did annoy me sometimes.
I like to travel.
Especially to far away places.
Cultures fascinate me.
I like lots of lemon in my water.
Lots of ice-cubes too.
Even on a cold day.
I complain about being cold a lot.
Complaining is a bad habit.
Warm socks on my feet really do help keep me warm.
I don't like to wear hats.
I miss my flute.
I don't want a tatoo on my butt.
Or anywhere for that matter.
But it was fun pretending!
I like to laugh.
I don't like to cry in public.
I don't like to eat in public either.
The pineapple in Brazil is the best!!! YUM!
I like toe rings.
I like funky socks too.
Things aren't always black and white.
Sometimes the pat answer isn't really the answer.
We need to hear God!
He really does speak to us.
We just need to take the time to listen.
More often than not God does things differently than we would do them!
But His ways are best - even when we don't believe it.
God allows us to walk through some pretty hard things.
But we never have to go it alone!
I have droopy eyes.
I get them from my mother.
I like that my second toe is shorter than my big toe.
Being the photographer at a wedding is hard work.
I hate having my picture taken.
I love to see my family happy.
Mustangs and jags are cool.
But I'm thankful for my minivan that is paid for!
And that I hardly ever need to take to the garage.
I'm thankful that my husband has a good job.
But having a job that you enjoy is even better.
I'm not a very good shopper.
Blogging can take up a lot of time.
But it's fun.
Being a perfectionist is no fun.
I can't imagine living with a perfectionist is very fun either.
Bad habits can be hard to break.
Good habits can be hard to start.
But both can be done!
It's easier to put weight on than it is to take it off.
Fasting is good for your spiritually and even physically.
People who work at Orbakers STINK when they come home from work.
Waitresses get lots of dollar bills and coins for tips.
The coins in the money jar can add up to a lot of money.
Matt Redman is a good singer and song writer.
Sometimes its a good idea to read a book more than once.
Especially the Bible.
But Graham Cooke is good too.

Well... I was gonna do some more - but I've just been too busy to get back to this today! Maybe I'll have some more another day....


Martha said...

I enjoy reading random thoughts. Best I can tell there are 87 here, not too bad.
You are absolutely right about both showers and sneakers, and waiting until AFTER the sermon to take a nap.
I'm not sure about bike shorts but I do like nice warm socks, and maybe you're cold from all that ice water you drink.
People who work at ANY restaurant stink when they get home, although Bethany doesn't usually smell too bad.
And your eyes aren't really droopy. If they were you would look like a basset hound.
God definitely does things different than we would but we need to trust Him anyway.

PS. We need to do lunch again someday. (even if you don't like to eat in public)

Shelly said...

Yup, I counted 87 too. I guess sometime I'll have to do at least 13 more... I just didn't have the time yesterday.

Yes, we'll have to do lunch sometime... Lemme know when you are available. I just have to work around my kids schedule! UGH!

Anonymous said...

birds stink?

Shelly said...

Anonymous... I don't suppose it's the bird that stinks. They just happen to poop - A LOT! They really are disgustingly dirty creatures. But they can be fun too... And if you keep on top of cleaning the bird cage then they aren't so bad...

Bethany said...

"I like that my second toe is shorter than my big toe."

Well, I LIKE my long toe. :)

"Waitresses get lots of dollar bills and coins for tips."

Yup. And it's a good way to save up Christmas money.

Bethany said...

Did I inspire you with my 100 random things to celebrate my 100th post?

Shelly said...

Yes Bethany, you are an inspiration! But I need to add thirteen more things to complete the hundred...

Coming to a blog near you!

Anonymous said...

I like that my little toes lay on their sides.

kristina said...

I loved reading these! Very original and made me laugh.