Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Turtle Knows Best... Or Does He???

I think Turtles have the right idea - they sleep through most of the winter. What a life!

Okay... So there are some things I would miss out on if I slept through the winter:

Christmas! I do love Christmas. I love to buy gifts for for friends and family and what better excuse than Christmas?! And I love to watch my kids get all excited - especially on Christmas Eve. I enjoy watching them as they look for gifts for their siblings and their dad too. I also love the lights and the decorations. Though I can't say I decorate a whole lot, I do love look at how others decorate!! Sometimes, in my busy-ness I forget to enjoy these things... But deep down I do love them. Oh, and who could forget gingerbread houses?! My kids always look forward to those! How 'bout it Martha? Are you game for doing gingerbread houses this year???? Watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Carol" and all of our other Christmas movies is something else we look forward to each year. We don't allow our kiddos to watch those movies until Thanksgiving and then away they go after New Years so it's something we look forward to each year... Guess I don't want to miss out on all of that!

My daughter's birthday is in January. She'll be 16 - can you believe it??? And I certainly wouldn't want to miss her 16th birtday!!! So I don't suppose I will sleep through that either. Maybe the turtle really doesn't know best after-all....

I never did much for Valentines Day. Maybe I should put more effort into that holiday and that would be one more thing to look forward to in the winter time. Anyone got any suggestions? I'm afraid I'm not very romantic - but I suppose I could work on it. LOL.

Any suggestions for making winter time more enjoyable would be greatly appreciated!!

Well, I suppose I won't sleep through the winter... but attempt to make the most of it. And enjoy those special moments with the family God has blessed me with.


Martha said...

"Any suggestions for making winter time more enjoyable would be greatly appreciated!!"

Here in New York winter arrives just a little bit early. It begins with a holiday called Thanksgiving which calls us to remember and count our blessings, so we start off by being thankful for winter.

Next we recall all the wonderful "snow days" we had off school when we were kids. Being homeschool Moms we look forward to the opportunity to provide our children with a snow day or two every year. Webster Park ca be a great place to celebrate snow even if the other kids are in school.

Winter is also a great time to curl up by the fire and read a good book or take a long nap with no guilty feeelings. Now that is wonderful!

I always look forward to eating soups, stews, and chilis on cold, dark evenings.

Baking is much more fun in the winter. (And yes, I think gingerbread houses are a great idea again. Let's do it!)

And we can't forget that blogging comes with less guilt in the witer too. Goota love that!

Rachel said...

Sledding with the kids is fun, and then coming home to some yummy hot chocolate!
I'm with Martha on the soups, stews and chili thing. There is nothing better than a hot bowl of one of these things on a freezing cold day.
I'll post some winter fun pictures on my blog!

Martha said...

"Goota"? Sounds like a cheese!

Shelly said...

I'm not much for sledding, cuz, well, it's COLD! LOL. But, maybe, just maybe the idea of taking photos of the kids sledding will inspire me enough to get out!! So there is hope....