Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Few Things

That I am thankful for....

1. God's faithfulness to me.
2. Friends.
3. Their prayers.
4. Truth - even when it hurts.
5. My family.
6. That they continue to put up with me.
7. And that they pray for me too.
8. Encouraging words.
9. As well as gentle rebukes.
10. The Bible.
11. Especially the Psalms when I'm feeling discouraged.
12. My camera.
13. I can't explain it - but it brings me joy and I'm thankful for that!
14. My laptop.
15. Warm sunshine!
17. Two adorable pomeranian puppies.
18. My bike.
19. Time alone with God.
20. Two cars that are paid for and still running.
21. Indoor plumbing!!
22. And electricity.
23. Babies...
24. My church.
25. That I can go barefoot in church and no one thinks anything 'bout it!
26. That they pray for me.
27. That the word is preached.
28. That they love me even though...
29. That I can be real at church.
30. That they pursue after God and challenge me to do the same.
31. Summer noises... birds, crickets, kids laughing, lawn mowers...
32. That I was brought up in a Christian home.
33. That God is my keeper - even when I don't want to be kept.
34. That I am never alone.
35. Forgiveness.
36. Telephones.
37. My home.
38. White Pizza! YUM!!
39. Email.
40. Snail mail too!!
41. Good memories.
42. That I am God's Treasure.
43. That he has besieged me and I don't stand a chance. It still makes me smile.
44. That my husband likes his new job.
45. And that there are Christians on his team who pray for him.
46. Hope.
47. Laughter... it's good medicine and good exercise too!
48. Music.
49. Phone calls from friends.
50. Martha's back porch... even though I haven't really visited in quite sometime. But it's good to know it's there.
51. Shoulders to cry on.
52. Lemon for my water.
53. Ice cubes.
54. Straws.
55. Funky socks.
56. Toe rings.
57. Aspirin.
58. Thunder storms.
59. Thrill Rides.
60. And water slides.
61. Swimming pools.
62. And diving boards!
63. Softball.
64. Minibikes and 4-wheelers.
65. Jeans.
66. Flip-flops.
67. Hot showers.
68. Tweezers.
70. Fresh fruit.

There's more of course.... I suppose we could never quit being thankful....


Martha said...

What a wonderful list! Reminds me of a song we used to sing at the Baptist church (It was about counting blessings), and my mom who says when she can't sleep she counts the things she's thankful for.

I love the little things you threw in like "straws", "flip flops" and "tweezers" as well as the biggies like "the Bible", "hope", and "forgiveness".

Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

camaras? laptops? chocolate? minibikes and 4-wheelers? what a material world we live in. So sad.

gmjlm2 said...

Inspiring list. I miss thunderstorms and a shoulder to cry on. I'm with Martha's mom on counting your blessings!

Martha said...

It's okay to be thankful for material things just so long as we don't worship them and continue to be thankful when those items are no longer around.

gmjlm2 said...

Martha, you are soooo much more tactful than I am. Amen!!

Priscilla said...

I like the list very much! Keep counting!

Rachel said...

I'm thankful for a lot of that stuff too! Great list!

Shelly said...

Thank you Martha. :)

Martha said...

I am back again (followed an old link) to read a list of gratitude. #50 made me smile. The porch is still waiting. :)

PS. I miss your old blog. It's nice to find it's still here.