Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Things...

That I am thankful for....

71. Blue skies.
72. Puffy white clouds.
73. Stormy grey clouds.
74. Sunsets and sun rises.
75. Color.
76. That I can choose to be thankful even on a bad day.
77. Windows that let the sunshine in.
78. The moon and the stars that light up the sky at night.
79. That God is so creative.
80. And that he gave us the ability to be creative.
81. Picnics.
82. Bonfires.
83. S'mores.
84. Summer.
85. Especially at night!
86. Books.
87. Hand Lotion - especially in the winter.
88. And chapstick too.
89. Toothpaste!
90. And breath mints.
91. When my husband tells the kids a funny story 'bout his childhood.
92. And their laughter.
93. God's patience with me.
94. That he continues, when everyone else would have given up, the good work that he has begun in me and in my family.
95. That the Father gave his son for me.
96. And that Jesus paid the price for me.
97. That he counted it joy.
98. Eyes.
99. And ears too.
100. Hands, feet, fingers and toes.
101. Warm, fuzzy blankets on a cold winter day.
102. And hot chocolate too.
103. Bulldogs. (They make my husband smile)
104. Fizz. There's just something about it!
105. Smiles and sometimes tears.
106. Going out to eat.
107. Soap and shampoo.
108. Fresh apples in the fall.
109. The wind.
110. The calm after a storm.
111. Hustle and bustle.
112. And peace and quiet too.
113. Giving gifts.
114. Especially for no reason at all.
115. To my family.
116. To friends.
117. To those who love to make my life miserable.
118. And even to perfect strangers. Try it! It's a whole lot of fun!!!
119. Receiving gifts. Yup, that's fun too! :)
120. A clean house.
121. But I'm thankful for a messy one too.
122. Watermelons.
123. Especially seedless - but the seeds are fun too.
124. Salt! What would watermelon be without it?
125. Ping pong.
126. Board games.
127. Purses.
128. A good joke.
129. A good movie - like North and South or Pride and Prejudice.
130. Blogging.
131. And the friends that I have made through it.
132. Different cultures.
133. And ideas.
134. Flowers.
135. And sometimes even bugs. (I like to take pictures of them! but not mosquitoes. I just don't know how to be thankful for them...)
136. Ceiling fans.
137. And window fans too.
138. Jewelry - even if I don't wear it much it is pretty and fun!
139. Paper towels.
140. The Internet (some of it anyway!).
141. That I can find joy even in the midst of pain and sorrow.
142. That I always can find lots to be thankful for.
143. My front porch.
144. And my back yard.
145. Trampolines.
146. Popsicles.
147. Tissues.
148. That I don't have to work so I can be home for my kiddos.
149. Parents and Grandparents.
150. And inlaws too.

Are you tired of my lists yet??? It's good medicine for me. :)


Martha said...

I looked up the song "Count Your Blessings" last night and it made me smile. I thought of you and your list.

"Are you ever burdened with a load of care?
Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?
Count your many blessings, every doubt will fly,
And you will keep singing as the days go by."

You must be smiling now.

I'm thankful for digital cameras and extra cards!
That I don't wet my bed like I did when I was little.
For a warm husband on cold nights (and warm nights too).
And... coffee.

Rachel said...

Martha, you're too funny!

gmjlm2 said...

I am very thankful for your lists. I so totally agree with 118, 132, 139., oh yeah! LOL!! I'm thankful that Martha doesn't wet the bed now either, she can come visit and not rely on Depends!