Friday, September 07, 2007

Merit Award!

I just found out yesterday that I won a merit award for these photos from New York Institute of Photography. Not only that but they want to purchase them for their student archives. I'm pretty excited! The last one they purchased ended up on their television commercial!

The toad picture has earned me quite a bit of $$ on various stock sites. Not bad for such an ugly, fat model with serious skin problems. Hahaha!! And I didn't have to pay him anything. But he made it quite clear that he wasn't happy with me taking his picture. *YUCK*!!!

Tootles has since passed on... but he was a fantastic little model and seemed to enjoy all the model shoots I put him through. He got to explore places most mice never see!! And he'd always stop and pose for the camera. He usually left me a mess or two along the way - but they were little and easy to clean. A small price to pay for such a cute little model.

Teena update:

We are still unsure. Jessi thought she was having her period the other day - but I haven't seen any signs and everyone is convinced that her nipples do look bigger. Are we imagining all of these things? The mystery continues...


Abortion Project:

I really don't know much about this project. Just that this couple is making a slideshow and will include photos of a growing baby in the womb as well as active kids. I believe the slideshow will go up online somewhere... so when it is up, I will let you all know!


gmj said...

Wow!!! Congrats to you. Stellar job you are doing. Thanks for the updates :)

Rachel said...

Dogs have periods?

Heather said...

That is so exciting about your photos, Shelly!

I am on pins and needles to find out about Teena. They would be so cute! You could take some adorable photos!

Shelly said...

Rachel... yes but I'm not sure how often they have them.

Heather - Yes, they would make for some adorable pictures! But it's scarey too with all the health problems we had with Teena. I think either way will be hard. Thinking she's pregnant then find out she's not... Or having puppies.... sigh....