Saturday, December 15, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect!

We certainly have a wide assortment of ornaments! Be My Valentine????

It's been fun to see the kids pick out an ornament each year and watch how their tastes change. And it certainly makes for an interesting tree!!

I took these pix mainly to practice for Heather's daughter's wedding... I need to be able to capture the lights and still get a nice exposure on the people. So, rather than use a tripod, I used my flash. Using a flash will often totally overpower the lights on the Christmas tree or candles... but of course there are tricks to getting around this! Using a slow shutter speed allows more ambiant light in and the flash freezes the subject. Without a flash a tripod would have been a must!! Anywayz, I certainly haven't perfected it yet! Hopefully by the beginning of January I'll have it down pat. :)

I also purchased a starburst filter for one of my lenses. Don't you love the effect it has on the lights????


joeks said...

I love the "S'mores" series of ornaments. A friend gave me one that is hiking with a backpack filled with pinecones!

Our tradition has been to give each of the kids an ornament each year. Sometimes they are the same, sometimes they vary slightly, and some years each one has a totally different one than the others, but usually somehow they tie in to an interest or activity from that year.

And yes, the starburst lights are neat!

Shelly said...

My daughter has a few s'more ornaments. She picked on out this year and last and we got her the one of the hula hoop cuz she's sooo good at it!! Could do it forever without getting the least bit out of breath.

Heather said...

Shelly, thanks for all of the practice!!! You will do such a wonderful job. I can't wait to see the pictures and the wedding hasn't even happened yet!

gmj said...

Woo Hoot!!! You are getting GOOD!!!