Saturday, November 01, 2008

More Doggie Torture...

He's supposed to be a cave dog... but he wouldn't sit up and so it doesn't do the costume justice... but it's still hysterical! He kinda looks like a punker! BTW, we bought him a big old bone to go with the costume - but he got too excited and wouldn't pose for pictures when we brought that out. I had to call Heather down to take it away or he might have bitten my hand off!

This one just cracks me up! He looks so.... Proud to be an American!

We tried and tried to get Teena to sit up... but she kept sliding down. Oh well, we take what we can get sometimes!
The dogs do well in costumes IF they aren't forced to wear hats or wigs! That's when it gets difficult!! Teena's hat kept slipping down over her eyes and she couldn't tell where she was going. It was sooo funny! Although I don't think she agrees. hahaha!! But when the hat was off - she was totally cool playing Mrs. Clause!

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Martha said...

We used to just pull and old shirt sleeve over our dogs head and watch her bob around in the dark. Being a dachsund, she looked very much like a mole. It was hysterical!