Thursday, May 18, 2006


Jessi and I went to visit Granny & Grampy yesterday. Since I already did 13 things about Granny - I thought it was be time to do 13 Things about Grampy...

1. He signs his name V. Glenn McIninch. I don't think he's too keen on his first name and so he goes by Glenn. I'll leave you all to figure out what the V stands for! :)
2. He worked at Kodak and firmly believes that Kodak makes the best cameras.
3. He took up windsurfing when he was in his 70's.
4. He loves photography too! He has THOUSANDS of slides but once he got his digital camera he never went back to film!!
5. He used to trim his bushes into different animal shapes.
6. He designed their house (and built much of it too!) and included such features as hidden doors that lead to extra storage and a laundry shoot.
7. He gave me a 1970 Ford Torino when I was 16. It was my first car and ever so cool!!
8. Once he got stuck in a butter churn.
9. He is a quiet, thoughtful sort and ever so nice!
10. He loves little kids once they start talking but isn't so sure what to do with babies.
11. He has 9 siblings! However 3 died when they were babies and two died as young adults.
12. He loves to talk about history and loves to share memories from his childhood.
13. He doesn't get mad very often, in fact I've never really seen him angry. But he told Jessi about the time he got mad at his brother and threw a wet paint brush at him. :)


Martha said...

He looks very stylish too.

I love happy old people, full of wrinkles, smiling, and happy.

Your Grampy looks a little like Everybody Loves Raymond's dad. I hope he's not grumpy like that guy is!

Anonymous said...

Let's see... some guesses as to Grampy's first name...

1. Valery
2. Vero
3. Victor
4. Vern
5. Vail
6. Vance
7. Varden
8. Vaughn
9. Vladimer
10. Vonn

There you have it, ten guesses!


Shelly said...

Nope!! But one of 'em is close! :)

Anonymous said...

Can you narrow it down to even or odd choices, please?

Shelly said...

Oh, all right... even!

Martha said...

Oh, I wanna guess! Let's see, we're down to these near possibilities...

1. Vero
2. Vern
3. Vance
4. Vaughn
5. Vonn

Hmmm, could it be something like Vaughan, or Vaughnan?

James wants to guess Vince, but I'm not sure why Grampy would dodge that name.

So, how about it?

Bethany said...

I was thinking Vincent... must be Dad and I think alike. Maybe its Vernon or Vhiwgstein.

Shelly said...

Nope! Guess again! :)

Martha said...

Can I have a lifeline?

Shelly said...

Hmmmm... that would be too easy - especially if you 'asked a friend'. LOL.

Martha said...

Okay, so here are some more guesses...

1. Vencel
2. Virgil
3. Vito
5. Van
6. Vere
7. Vivian

Tell me I win! Tell me I win!
(Is there a prize?)

Martha said...

Ok, how about Vernell?

Martha said...

Never mind...
Now I think it's Vonie.

I'll pick up my prize later. :)