Thursday, May 18, 2006


I got my hair done yesterday. It was my first time getting highlights. I actually let Heather take a picture of me so you all could see the results.

Now, you must know how it is to get your picture done by Heather... First she tells me I look slouchy and tells me to straighten up! Then she says I look stiff and too posed! Then she tells me to smile, and, being the obedient mom that I am, I smile. She starts cracking up! Now she says I look like a chipmunk and so she tells me not to smile. Of course by this time I'm having a hard time not smiling - even if I do want to smack her for telling me I look like a chipmunk! She snapped a couple of pictures and starts laughing again and tells me that I look NAKED!!!! No wonder I hate having my pictures done!! Ahhh well. What do you think? Am I cool yet???? Am I just the happening thing?!!

Beka says we need to work on make-up next.... And then, who knows, maybe a tatoo or a belly piercing. How 'bout a nose ring? Or better yet, maybe I should get my tongue pierced!


Anonymous said...

she's right.. you DO look like a chipmunk. Even your hair looks chipmunk-ey now, the right colors and everything!

Martha said...

I'll tell you, the bad thing about makeup is that once you get used to wearing it, you feel naked without it. Scary, going out in public without anything on! (My face, I mean.)

And by the way, yes, you are beautiful and your hair looks great even if the House Fairy didn't notice this morning. (She must have been preoccupied.)

Shelly said...

The hair fairy didn't notice either! LOL.