Monday, October 22, 2007

New Faces to Photograph

This week I'm crazy busy photographing different models! Yesterday I had the priviledge of photographing this beautiful and talented young lady. I took her over to the park and while she sketched, I was snap happy! Hopefully I'll have several shots to add to my stock portfolio.

I love black and white and sepia pictures. I suppose it comes from my love of high contrast scenes!! While this scene is high contrast (you can see the strong lighting coming from the back and to the side of the model highlighting her hair!), I really didn't think that it would make for a good sepia picture because of the beautiful fall foliage. I thought I'd miss the color. But for whatever reason I converted it anyways (always pushing the limits!) and was pleasantly surprised that I really didn't miss the color.

This photo would have been impossible to get without the aid of either a reflector (which is what I used) or fill flash. Her face would have just been too dark - but the reflector lit it up nicely.

Tonight I have another photo shoot with a little girl from church and the tomorrow Bethany is coming over for some maternity pix! That is if she doesn't have her baby first. I told her that I would be unselfish and pray that she DOES have her baby tomorrow as it is her birthday and I think it would be the perfect birthday present for her! Don't you agree???

After I do a shoot there is still TONS of work to be done.... I will be spending many hours processing and editing all of my photos! A photographer these days had better enjoy the editing process almost as much as the photography. Thankfully I enjoy it more and more!


gmj said...

My Gosh!! You sound so happy!! Bubbly even. I think that is great you get to do what you love and get paid for it. And you do great work. :O)

Shelly said...

Yeah, it is great to get paid to do what you love to do. :) And I'm glad I sounded chipper in spite of the wicked headache I had this morning. Thankfully it's gone now!! And hopefully it will STAY AWAY!!!!

Bethany said...

No baby yet, so I'll see you later!