Thursday, April 27, 2006


Today we celebrate Brian's 17th birthday. So... in celebration, I will do not just 13 things about Brian - but 17 things!

1. When he was born he looked just like Mr. Magoo.
2. He works as a life guard in the summer and as a short order cook through the winter months. He likes lifeguarding much better than cooking!
3. He loves snowboarding and has been begging for us to move to Colorado where the really good slopes are.
4. He loves movies and talks about them non-stop!!! Someday he hopes to be a movie director.
5. He is writing his own theatrical version of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and hopes to put it on sometime in the near future.
6. He plays the drums - in the basement thankfully!!!
7. Brian HATES math and any other thing that slightly resembles school!!
8. He has always been a huge fan of Peter Pan and would love to fly away to Never Land and 'always have fun and never grow up'.
9. He is in desperate need of a haircut!
10. He named his bike the Millennium Falcon.
11. Brian has his own bedroom which, I might add, looks more like a pig-sty than a bedroom!!
12. He likes to EAT!
13. Jesus is his savior.
14. He loves old time radio shows like Jack Benny.
15. His favorite Nascar driver is Dale Jr.
16. He thinks Novocain is really cool!
17. He is extremely creative and a lot of fun to be around.



Martha said...

...and one of his favorite responses is, "Whatever".

Joe Fool said...

And "Shut-up" Haha. And he thinks Joel is a goofy kid. And he's going to go do paintball tonight!! HOORAY!!!

Joe Fool said...

And he's my friend.

Shelly said...

He's looking forward to paintball!