Monday, July 09, 2007

Addendum to My Last Post

I'm editing this post cuz I think I said what I meant to say sooo much better on my other blog. Straight from my other blog (some of it is a repeat from my last entry - sorry for the redundancy I just didn't want to take the time to edit!!)....

Just before the cake cutting ceremony my new camera broke. The focusing screen just fell out when I took the lens off. Of course at the time I didn't know that's what it was called! LOL. I just knew that something fell out and my camera would not focus! I was TERRIBLY upset! Even angry at God. After-all I was trusting that God had called me to this and that He would go with me and see me to the end. And I felt like He had abandoned me and left me to fail miserably at this wedding. My 'focus screen' was totally out of whack!!! I was focusing on what went WRONG instead of what was going right....

My prayer before shooting this wedding was that God would be glorified and that Ken and Lisa would be blessed. I told God if those two things happened then I would consider it a successful day!!

Well, let me take a moment to give God glory....

I had a backup photographer on hand who had the Digital Rebel XT - a camera that I was very comfortable using and she quickly handed it over to me without a thought so I could finish up the cake cutting ceremony and the few formals that we had left to do. God saw me through to the end!

I met lots of great people at this wedding! Including Ken and Lisa who were such a pleasure to work with and went along with my crazy ideas for photos so willingly. And I think they had fun too.

Several people asked me for business cards! One even offered to take a bunch to an art show that she was going to and said she would be glad to include them with each order she received. WOW!

One person, whom I've never met before outside of cyber-space, told me she was praying that things would go well. That was such an encouragement to me that God would place this wedding (as well as me as a nervous newbie wedding photographer) on her heart and that she was obedient. DOUBLE WOW!!

God was faithful to the end! My 'focus screen' was just out of whack and I didn't see it. So to God be the glory! And I pray that Lisa and Ken would be radically blessed!!!! In their marriage, in their home... That He would radically bless them physically, financially, emotionally and above all spiritually.

Oh, one other thing - my camera is still under warranty and will be repaired at no charge. In the meantime - I've still got my rebel (for those moments when I need a photo fix or if I have a shoot!) and lots and lots of photos to edit to keep me busy. YAY GOD!


Martha said...

Don't you just love God's word pictures? How much clearer can he speak than by drawing us a picture?

Your story reminded me of when Josiah was in the hospital after his "pencil in the eye" incident. The doctor asked him to read the giant E on the eye chart and he said "All I can see is a blur," and I thought, "Wow! Can I ever relate to that!"

Shelly said...

Yes... but sometimes he can make it clear as day and still I don't get it!! LOL.

I think I expressed better what I was trying to say over at my other blog. You can read it at:

if you want to. :)

Shelly said...

Never mind... I just edited this one. :) But there are more pictures over there if you are interested. Or you can wait for the slide show!!

gmj said...

Amen!!!!! Love the new version.
Much more inlightening.