Sunday, July 01, 2007

Change is in the Air

Romeo is changing fast! Not only is he growing but his fur is getting lighter. He's still adorable though and we all love him!! He's gotten easier too as he is outgrowing his biting stage. YAY! He could bit HARD!! And he sleeps through the night and he's better about going in his crate. Still working on the house training thing though....


gmj said...

He still looks like an Imp!! :O)
What fun he must be. Kiss their ears for me.

Anonymous said...

A very pretty puppy dog. I read your comment on Martha's blog. You talked about all you have are oriels. Did you mean Oriole? The reason I ask is that I love those birds and have not been successful in attracting them here where I live in SW Ohio. I have seen then and photographed them along creeks but they were really high up in trees. Do you have anything special growing where you live that they seem to either feed on or nest in? I would be interested in knowing what it is that attracts them.

Thanks again and I like your blog by the way.

Abraham Lincoln
—American Gold Finch—

Shelly said...

GMJ - yes, the little guy still gets into plenty of trouble! :) But, he is getting easier and more managable.

Abraham Lincoln... yes, that is exactly what I meant! I honestly didn't know how to spell it. Haha! Thanks! I've only seen these birds feeding at the humming bird feeder. Guess I'm too busy to really notice much else. A couple of years ago I actually bought an oriole feeder and the birds just didn't seem to care which feeder they went to, SO, I just left the humming bird feeder up. Now I get both... Sorry I'm not more helpful. You are by far the more knowledgeable person here. :)

Thanks for the compliments on the blog - I've enjoyed yours as well!