Friday, July 20, 2007

The Pennysaver

Well, I'm up waaaay late! For some reason I just don't want to go to bed and yet, I am getting a little sleepy... and will probably pay for it tomorrow!

Yesterday Beka and I had decided NOT to put that ad in the Pennysaver... but then we received a check in the mail today that almost covered the cost so we decided to go for it after all! It's a full color ad and will appear in next week's edition. Heather is very excited to see it. I'm excited about getting our name out to a much larger audience then we've reached to date. Hopefully it will drum up lots of senior sessions. And maybe even some TTD sessions. Oh, how fun!!

Here's a couple black and white ads I designed tonight... We'll use them if this other ad goes over well!

We also have plans for a Christmas ad that I'm very excited to do! It will be another color ad. I'll post as soon as I get it done... which won't be until my camera gets back from the shop.... *sigh* But I have the whole picture all planned out in my little head. :)

I got some prints in the mail today. I LOVE getting pictures in the mail! I ordered a few from the wedding. One 12x18 print as our special gift to the B&G (shhhh! It's a surprise!). And a few smaller prints as gifts to a couple other people. We printed them on metallic paper. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE metallic paper! It is soooo totally cool! The color is AMAZING and it has this metallic shine to it... well, if you have never seen metallic paper you are really missing out!

Well... enough ramblings. I had better get to bed before the birds start chirping! G'night!

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gmj said...

Love you late night ramblings!!