Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ken and Lisa

The slide-show is up and running. Unfortunately you can't hear the music unless you have zune (or something like that!). Gotta fix that! But you can see the pictures anywayz... so for those that are interested click here.

I've been battling headaches and terrible fatigue.... trying once again to kick the caffeine habit. UGH! I've been pretty useless the past couple of days.

God is growing me up. No fun sometimes, but good all the same.....


Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

As far as you headaches and fatigue...I suffered from this for too long before I realized that dehydration was making me feel that way. Drink LOTS of water. I have a hard time drinking water so I drink Propel, which is still water, but it's lemony (or whatever flavor you like) and sweet, plus it has vitamins in it!

Gudl said...

That is an AWESOME slide show! What great fun to watch! The photos are super! You covered it all. I feel like I was a wedding guest! What a nice couple and family! Everybody looked so good and happy.
I love the bride's hair, with the little white bows in it, or how do you call it?
I also liked the way you captured the whole atmosphere. The couple looks happy and handsome. Very intimate, up close and personal.
If I would ever marry, I would have you as my photograph!! Congratulations.