Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Behind the Times

I seem to keep falling behind. And I've got sooo much to update! And lots and lots of new pictures.... but it's not going to all happen tonight as I really should get to bed cuz I've got a busy, busy day tomorrow and it's late, late, late!

But, a few quick updates...

Headaches are getting more managable. I tried going cold turkey but gave up on Thursday as it was Jessi's birthday and I had to be able to function so I could celebrate with her! Will wean myself off with Excedrine.

Jessi turned 11. So hard to believe!!! I took her and two of her friends to see Ratatouille for her b-day and then I took them swimming. She got Heely's from us, Brian got her a scooter, and Heather bought her an entire outfit. She of course also received other gifts from grandparents and her aunt and uncle and some friends so she made out like a bandit! She was thrilled with every gift she got!

I got my camera back on Saturday. YAY! Turns out it was me that broke it after-all. *sigh* I attempted to use a lens that apparently doesn't fit on that camera. All my other lenses work on both cameras so I didn't even consider that it wouldn't go on that camera. BUT, Hahn told me it was all taken care of. PHEW!!!

Did a baby shoot on Saturday too. Will share once I get permission from Mom and Dad. (I keep forgetting to ask!)
Martha stopped in for a visit today. It was a lovely visit. Come again soon Martha!! :) We drank Propel instead of iced tea cuz that's all I had 'cept for plain water or milk. She sipped on one while I guzzled down 2 and I think even started a third.
I've been working on a mini bible study on Proverbs 2:1-5. A couple of interesting tid-bits that I thought I'd share...
From verse 1:
My son, if you receive my words…

I looked up the word receive in the concordance and it can be translated SEIZE. I thought that gave a whold different perspective! Much more forceful than the word receive don't ya think?!

The rest of verse 1:
And treasure my commandments within you

One of the definitions for treasure (found in Webster's 1828 dictionary) is to hoard.

Skipping down to verse 4:
4If you seek her (wisdom) as silver

The word seek in the concordance could also be translated require. I liken silver to a paycheck. Do I require wisdom like I require a paycheck?! YIKES! I thought about the times my husband has been laid off.... He did everything in his power to get a new job. One time he went for retraining. He wrote and sent out resumes to perspective employers, went to temp agencies, he spent a lot of time and energy looking for a new job!! I don't put nearly that kind of effort into obtaining wisdom!! Do you require wisdom?? Sure would love to hear your thoughts on that one. It's got me thinking!!

Took Heather for some more Trash the Dress pix. Still only 'posed' pix rather than her doing fun stuff.... Hopefully we'll get to those soon!! Specially now that I have my camera back! :)

I'll leave with just a few from that shoot. Still muddling my way through them all....


gmj said...

Thinking and studying on a response. Love the TTD photos. lol!! Aaaa, read the book on the CAMERA? :)

gmj said...

Okay, If we are to truly try to be God-like then yes we do require wisdom. For who is more wise than God?

Shelly said...

I agree! But in practice do I actually *require* it?? Kinda like requiring my kids to do their school.... I guess that's how I saw the word require.