Friday, April 11, 2008


So... how would you feel if you looked out your window only to see some good friends (at least you THOUGHT they were good friends) walking right on by without stopping in to say hello?! Yup! That's exactly what happened to me yesterday afternoon. I caught 'em right in the act!!


Bethany said...

Shameful! Too bad you didn't get a picture.

Martha said...

Well now! If one of my very dear friends walked right by my house, I might wonder what they were doing out here on this country road so far from town. I might suspect their car was broken down somewhere forcing them to walk miles for help. Are you certain this good friend was not in dire straights?

Martha said...

Truthfully, walking right past just felt wrong deep down inside. I just knew we didn't have much time to hang out so... I looked longingly at your windows wondering whether or not you would see us, half hoping you did and half hoping you didn't. I so didn't want to be unfriend-like... But you know I really love you, and I knew you really just thought it was a fun post.