Thursday, April 03, 2008


I FINALLY got out with the camera today. Seems like forever since I've done any kind of photo session! I've just been too busy with the other end of business. I've enjoyed all the learning I've done lately - but I have to say, it felt really, really good to be out taking pictures again.

I really needed an assistant to hold a reflector during a lot of this session.... but it was just Jessi and I.... But I still managed to get some I liked.

These first two were taken against our garage. I liked the texture from the pealing paint. haha!! I also liked the giant shadow from the 90 degree lighting on the top one though a reflector would have been nice to open up the shadow a bit on her face.

The second I converted to black and white and added just a hint of color back. I love doing the tones you get with that technique!

I took some shots of her just walking down the street. I was playing with a different focus mode... gotta read up on that cuz several were totally blurry. One of my goals this year is to master all three focusing modes!

Three pictures, same location, same basic pose... yet different edits can give them each a unique feel. The top is a sepia tone with a hint of color, the second a black and white with a hint of blue, and the third is a different crop.

This was one pose where I really could have used a reflector! I did fine with the head and shoulders shots but I really wanted a full body and well, it just didn't work out.

I loved this door! I love the red and green and the texture. And so I almost didn't convert to black and white... but I guess I'm a true black and white fan cuz I ended up liking that one too!! Actually I added a hint of blue tint to it.

I love the busy-ness of this photo! Usually you try and simplify a photo - especially portraits! But I wanted to emphasize the location. And I love the shadow play from the stairs.

This one is my FAVORITE from today!!! She doesn't smile much for pictures - so I was thrilled to get a bit of a grin! And a whole lot of attitude. And I just LOVE that door!!!!

A very fun afternoon!!!!


Heather said...

Love the pictures! I am not sure I could pick a favorite. I do have to say that she is looking older in this shoot!

Bethany said...

I agree with Heather... She looks quite ancient in these photos. Okay, not ancient, but older. I like them a lot!

Shelly said...

Jessi will be happy to hear this! (well, not the ancient part! haha!) She wanted to know if she was old enough to not look rediculous posing and dressing like she did. What do you think????

Rachel said...

She is a very pretty girl. I like the one where she's looking to the side (2 up from the bottom), but I think they're all great!

gmj said...

I like the one on the stairs best!!! :)