Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring Showers....

The toilet overflowed today....
Causing it to rain inside the house.
From the bathroom,
to the kitchen below
and even down into the basement.

And even after a second shower
and mopping the kitchen floor 3 times
everything just FEELS gross!!

There's not a single clean towel to be found.
It was interesting trying to dry off after my second shower
without a towel! haha!!

There is now a lovely hole in our kitchen ceiling.

Yes, it's been an exciting day today!!!
I'm looking forward to a dull evening!!


Martha said...

Oh no! This made me laugh, but only because I recall a similar situation at our house in town. My toilet tank cracked and it was raining in my dining room. "YUCK!" is a good word for it. We decided to have a picnic lunch on the front porch instead of eating in the dining room and my ceiling sported "pretty" colored water spots for weeks afterward.

(I loved the post. You do a have a normal life like the rest of us...)

Rachel said...

How awful! When Dave and I rented our 1st apartment we lived on the 2nd floor when our toilet overflowed into the neighbors apartment down below. Their hallway light was totally filled with our toilet water...yuck! I felt bad for them.

Bethany said...


No wonder Mom was talking about your dogs disliking your mop.

Martha said...

Explanation... I was raking the yard, which reminded me of your mop.