Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Niagara's Ferris Wheel

Usually I like the thrill rides. I love roller-coasters and other high-speed wild and crazy rides that throw your body every which way and make your stomach do that flip-flop sort of thing. But for some reason, Ferris Wheels terrify me!! LOL. They go so slow and you have a ton of time to think about what could happen! I might have been convinced to go on this one though. At least you are enclosed so I might have felt safer. But maybe not! You are still swinging and rocking in the wind and it was HUMUNGOUS!!!!! Anyone been on it before???


Priscilla said...

I don't know. Whenever I go to Niagara Falls I never seem to see this ferris wheel in motion. I wondered if anyone ever rode it.

Was it going when you were there?

I love ferris wheels. They are so peaceful and the views are magnificent!

Shelly said...

Yes, it was moving... some of the time! But it was slow going!

So funny that ferris wheels terrify me and yet I love the Superman at Darien Lake! I have gone on the Ferris wheel over at Darien Lake and yes, the view is really cool... but I'm trembling the whole time I'm up there!!! So they are anything but peaceful for me!