Thursday, June 15, 2006


13 Questions about YOU...

1. Chocolate or Vanilla?
2. Gold or Silver?
3. Hot or Cold?
4. Gourmet or Fast Food?
5. Black or White?
6. Cat or Dog?
7. City or Country?
8. Diet or Regular?
9. Bold or Conservative?
10. Comedy or Drama?
11. Dressy or Casual?
12. Neat Freak or Messy?
13. Tight Wad or Spender?


Shelly said...

1. Chocolate mostly, but occasionally vanilla.
2. I like both Gold AND Silver.
3. Hot weather, cold drinks.
4. Anything I don't have to actually cook myself!
5. Black.
6. So many cats, so few recipes!
7. Country.
8. Diet when it comes to Coke! But if I'm eating ice-cream give me the good stuff!!!
9. Bold on the inside, conservative on the outside. Figure that one out!!
10. Depends on my mood!
11. Casual all the way!!
12. Messy.
13. A spender who is really attempting to be good at the moment!

Martha said...

About me...

1. Lately, vanilla.
2. Probably gold, but a little silver would be good too.
3. hot drinks in cold weather, cold drinks in hot weather.
4. Is there such a thing as fast and healthy gourmet? I'll take that, please.
6. Cat. They are so much easier to take care of!
7. Country mouse, definately!
8. If it's iced tea, I'll just take it unsweetened.
9. Conservative, inside and out.
10. Definately depends on the mood, but a good dramatic comedy is always welcome.
11. Usually casual, but I think there are occasions that call for dressy. (and besides, dressy can be fun too.
12. I'm finally finding a happy medium (7 kids and 25 years of marriage later)
13. Naturally a tight wad but learning to spend when I need to (and sometimes when I don't). Funny how often I find myself putting "it" back on the shelf.

Hey, it is Thursday, isn't it?

Shelly said...

I guess I do like the occasional hot drink in cold weather! It's the only thing that warms me up when I'm extra shivery. But mostly it's ice water for me!!

Priscilla said...

1. Chocolate mostly, but occasionaly vanilla
2. I like both gold AND silver.
3. Depends on my mood...or my temperature...or the weather.
4. gormet
5. blue
6. dogs
7. country
8. regular
9. conservative inside and out.
10. Depends on my mood.
11. casual
12. messy
13. tight wad who dreams of being a spender.

Martha said...

#5 black or white? Both, in an oreo cookie kind of way.

Bethany said...

1. Vanilla cake, chocolate ice cream
2. Silver
3. Hot n' spicy
4. Gourmet usually
5. White with black spots
6. Louis
7. Country
8. Regularly water
9. Usually Conservative
10. Drama with a laugh
11. Dressy or Casual? sometimes
12. Neat Freak but I can't keep up!
13. Tight Wad