Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pictures of Perfect Strangers

So... How would you feel if a perfect stranger walked up to you and asked you if they could take a picture of you or your child?? I was wishing this weekend that I was a bit braver about asking people if I could take their pix as there were so many interesting faces to capture. I did ask the parents of this little guy if I could take his picture. He was just too cute with his pouty face and his little hat. I didn't realize what his shirt said though until I got back to the hotel and viewed my pix. LOL.

Mostly people seem honored that I want to take their pictures, some even outright ask me to take them, but still I feel so funny and shy 'bout it!


Rachel said...

That shirt is so funny, my kids and I got a bang out of it!

Rachel said...

The picture is really cute too, by the way.

Shelly said...

Thanks. It was rather hysterical - and such a surprise too! LOL. I can't believe I didn't even notice the shirt until I got back to the hotel. I just saw another cute face.