Tuesday, June 06, 2006

O Boticario

I found, rather by chance, this little store called O Boticario in Irondequiot Mall today. It's actually a chain from Brazil. They sell perfume/cologns, lotions, soaps, and other skin and hair care products. I bought some Sunflower Illuminating Lotion and I LOVE IT!!!! It has a nice scent, not at all overpowering, and it doesn't leave that greasy feeling that so many lotions can leave. It also "adds a hint of golden shine to your skin." Very cool indeed!! Anyway, it's a very nice little shop and you can sample anything in the store. We even left with several samples of perfume.

It was extra fun for me cuz I had the opportunity to talk with two of the saleswomen who happen to be from Brazil. (There is another saleswoman who is from the US - though I didn't meet her.) The one actually lived in Sao Paulo for several years. We talked about some of our experiences there and she talked about the pros and cons of Brazil verses the US. She says that though food and housing is cheaper in Brazil most everything else is more expensive plus you simply can't make as much money there. Apparently there is really no minimum age for drinking - at least it's not enforced so young kids drink. The same goes for smoking and getting tattoos. We experienced the driving - it's horrendous in Brazil!! Though we never actually witnessed an accident we did almost get run over a few times. Very scarey indeed!! The thing she misses most, besides her family, is that fact the Brazilians are very open and friendly. She says that Americans are difficult to get close to. And I have to agree - the Brazilians welcomed us with open arms and loved us immediately. We tend to be much more reserved and stand-offish in comparison.


Martha said...

So how is the golden girl?

Shelly said...

Sleepy! And I didn't go on a bike ride this afternoon!! :)