Thursday, June 01, 2006


I confess - I'm not superwoman! :) I just can't seem to keep it all up. How do people run a household, homeschool, AND find time to do extras like blogging??? I'd sure like to know their secret - and maybe have an ounce or two of their energy!!!!

Update on Rocket... He's still feeling pretty yuck, thouh he hasn't been throwing up like he was. Brett looked up his condition online and it sounds like He's got congestive heart failure. He's sure having a tough time breathing.


Martha said...

There are no super moms and none of us can do it all. Energy is always spent on credit and there are no secrets. Hope that helps.

I'd like to know how people run a household, homeschool, AND study extra things like photography. Wow, I'm having a tough enough time with photos that I don't "fix".

Sorry about little Rocketship. He's had a good life, he's just getting tired. I guess ther are no super dogs either.

Priscilla said...

Well I AM supermom...if you want lessons...just come on over. Just kidding!

Poor little Rocket!

Shelly said...

Maybe you should post a How to be a super mom so we could all learn. :)